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Reasons Why Healthcare Should Be Free

should healthcare be free

Healthcare is one of the people’s basic needs, just like food and clothes. But you have to pay for these simple things.

People are now saying that everyone should be able to get good healthcare, no matter how much money they have, because waiting for medical care could put someone’s life at risk.

But the government won’t give in to this request because it would strain the economy greatly.

What Is Free Healthcare?

The goal of free healthcare policies is to eliminate formal user fees. The removal of fees could be for all health services, for primary care, for certain groups of people, for certain services, and for medically or financially vulnerable groups.

Evidence about how FHC policies affect financial security, and the use of health services is mixed. FHC policies can help countries with few resources get more coverage if they are well-designed and implemented.

They can be part of a plan and a push toward universal health care and coverage.

History Of Free Health Care

Before the introduction of free healthcare, Germany’s national health insurance system, known as the Sickness Insurance Law, was established in 1883.

Industrial enterprises would take a fixed percentage of the employee’s salaries and set it aside for their sick funds. The National Insurance Act was established in the UK in 1911, although it only covered basic healthcare.

Finally, in Yemen, where a war was raging and making it hard for International rescue organizations to deliver treatment, Norway implemented free healthcare in 1912.

Many nations, notably Sweden, Canada, and Denmark, adopted the new system where the government handled the finances after World War II.

Ten Reasons To Healthcare Should Be Free

There is much debate about whether access to healthcare should be free or paid for. This is a significant subject that must be explored in light of all that is going on with COVID-19 all around the globe.

Healthcare is a need for existence, not a luxury or an option. It is a privilege that shouldn’t be revoked. A person should not be denied the necessary medical care because of financial concerns.

Here are some reasons why free healthcare for the general population should be considered. And also, it is not something that can be done easily and would need a lot of funding and laws to make this fair to everyone.

Establishing the human right

Access to medical treatment is one of the most basic human rights. Because someone is having trouble making ends meet, they have no right to have something taken away from them.

It is essential to one’s capacity to maintain stability in the world to have access to appropriate medical treatment.

When all people have access to medical treatment, we will have made progress toward better humankind and put a stop to the pain in many people’s lives.

Our responsibility is to ensure everyone receives the care they need, including medical attention and surgical procedures for painful and debilitating conditions.

Prevent virus spread

When everyone in a community receives treatment for sickness, you will be able to manage several viral infections, such as HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS spreads when an infected individual stays undiagnosed and untreated. The majority of persons with AIDS do not even realize they have it, nor do they take the required steps to prevent its transmission.

A free healthcare system will allow these people’s early detection and treatment.

Improve the children’s health

Children need good health care because they are more likely to get sick and have complications.

When parents are given financial incentives, children from all types of families can use health facilities. Because of this, they avoid many diseases, can live healthier lives, and help society grow.

Chance for the equality

The rivalry between different health service providers is a very important aspect of the healthcare industry. They fight to see who can attract the most number of patients, and once they do, they treat the wealthiest ones.

They have entirely lost sight of what is essential. And also, they are concentrating their efforts on determining who is willing and able to pay for the medical bills rather than determining who has the greatest need for treatment.

The provision of free healthcare will guarantee that all medical professionals observe high standards of ethics and focus on the issue at hand rather than on the financial gain it may bring.

Decrease the cost

Free health care is said to dramatically lower healthcare costs in the nation.

Physicians don’t need consultation fees from patients at every appointment. They will be paid a set monthly wage and are government employees.

Moreover, because the government would be the sole buyer of prescription medications and medical supplies, universal healthcare may save administrative costs.

As a result, pricing will continue to be controlled, and various suppliers can’t provide bids.

Cut off unnecessary competition.

Health service providers are always in a race to offer the best care. It’s common knowledge that the health industry has become more like a business.

So, their goal changed, and now they seem to care more about how many patients they have than how good their service is.

Also, they try to get rich people willing to pay big bills, but they don’t care about those who can’t pay.

Save lives

Also, this service has saved tens of thousands of lives. Doctors can notice early signs and make a diagnosis. This keeps a lot of diseases from happening.

On top of that, many people who might be unable to pay for health care, even if they are in a very bad way, can easily go to the hospital to get help.

Chance for the unemployed

People unable to work often face the most difficult challenges because they are constrained financially.

In most cases, they do not have any health insurance. Because of this, individuals are unable to get even the most basic kind of medical attention.

Those who are now without jobs will be able to take advantage of this system, and they won’t have to be concerned about the future of their life since it will provide free medical care for everyone.

Avoid insurance company monopoly.

When it comes to determining a patient’s treatment, the doctor’s prescription should take precedence over the insurance company’s opinion.

People must purchase health insurance due to the high cost of health care in most industrialized nations.

To do this, the insurance provider determines what it thinks is appropriate for the patient depending on its billing strategy.

With a free healthcare system, patients will not be denied treatment because they are unaware of an underlying ailment.

As well, there are so many scams, and you should be concerned about how to stay safe from life insurance scams.

Improve the economy

Giving away health care for free would have a huge effect on the economy. Many people don’t work because they can’t afford to fix health problems that keep them from doing so.

The economy of a country with free healthcare would be stronger than that of a country with expensive healthcare.

If people could get the help they need to work, their productivity would go up, which would help the economy.

Five Cons Of Free Healthcare

Healthcare costs a lot, and free healthcare will have pros and cons. The country would surpass its debt limit if everyone got free health care.

On the other hand, the government could pay for free healthcare by collecting more taxes from the public.

However, this is not possible because low-income groups would still be able to pay the same taxes.

Free healthcare is mainly concerned with chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are caused by how people live, and they take up about a 90percent of the total health budget. If health care were free for everyone, everyone’s tax bracket would be higher.

You will also have to pay the healthcare tax for someone else’s care, which may seem unfair to some.

Degrade the quality of service

As soon as access to healthcare was no longer restricted, a sharp increase in the number of patients was sure to follow. Because of this, the medical staff will need to put in more daily duty hours to handle the maximum number of patients in a given shift.

At some point in the future, the standard of medical treatment will deteriorate significantly.

People have to wait for a longer period.

The provision of free medical treatment results in an increase in patient volume at hospitals. You may have to wait many weeks before scheduling an appointment with an expert.

It is not unusual to wait four weeks for an appointment.

If the economy were run more like a free market, you wouldn’t have to wait for such an extended amount of time.

Free healthcare will decrease people’s concerns about their health.

When individuals get financial protection, they often pay little attention to their health.

For instance, if people disregard the significance of eating a healthy diet, being active, and using the appropriate safeguards, they will ultimately adopt a harmful lifestyle.

And they are doing all of this because they are aware that their medical expenses will be covered in full.

Have to take the government budget

Even though taxes are used to pay for free healthcare services, the overall cost of the healthcare system is astounding. They may spend up to forty percent of their budget on free medical treatment.

They may have to make budget cuts different from government services such as education.

Alternate Methods Of Funding The Healthcare System

Using the money from taxpayers, the government can make free and high-quality healthcare services accessible to the people.

However, there are alternative solutions that may be explored for financing the expenses of medical treatment, including the following:

Privately obtained medical coverage

Individuals can purchase their health insurance coverage as a precaution against medical emergencies.

Paying using one’s funds

Individuals may cover the expense of healthcare using their income or savings. 

People who can easily control their healthcare costs should do so so that others with fewer resources might use the following alternative.

Contributions from charity organizations

This solution is perfect for people who require therapy but cannot afford expensive medical care.

Several philanthropic organizations pay the medical costs of those in need. These organizations gather public contributions and cover the medical bills of the underprivileged.

Social and medical coverage

This fairly practical technique entails gathering a pool of funds from the working population, their companies, and occasionally the government. The funds collected are a health security fund.

This enables expenses to be spread across a bigger group than the government alone.

Typically, every citizen can receive benefits from this controlled fund.


Free healthcare generally has a lot to offer. It would improve our nation’s economy, stop the spread of illness, and make it a better place overall.

People deserve the right to get healthcare. It would encourage a feeling of equality among people and assist many, including the poor, the homeless, and middle-class individuals, put a stop to their suffering.

If you wish to work in health care and establish your career in the health sector, it is worth getting to know how to become a midwife as well.

Establishing the proper system would take time and involve much debate, but given all the advantages it would bring, it is an issue that must be discussed.

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